Overview – Measurements on Floor Plans

Ready to add measurements to your RoomSketcher floor plans? This article provides an overview of your many options using the RoomSketcher App on your computer or tablet. 

Some of these features require a paid plan, as noted. 



Room Area in Square Meters/Square Feet

You can display the area of any room in either square meters or square feet, like this:


Room Dimensions (Pro)

You can display room dimensions using X and Y measurements, like this:

Another option is to display the dimensions in both meters and feet, like this:

  • To achieve the above example, we customized the Measurement Wizard Settings and enabled Dimensions - Use both Measuring Units, then added the dimensions using the Room Dimensions Wizard. To learn more, see Measurement Wizard Settings.


Inside Wall Lengths (Pro)

You can display the inside length of the walls on 2D Floor Plans. Below are two examples.

This example was created using the default Measurement Wizard settings:

This example was created by customizing the Measurement Wizard settings:


Outside Wall Lengths (all paid plans)

You can display outside wall lengths on 2D Floor Plans, like this:

Pro Subscribers can use the Wall Measurement Wizard to display outside wall lengths on 2D Floor Plans, like this:


Calculate the Total Area of a Floor Plan (Pro)

You can calculate the Total Area of an entire Floor Plan and add it to your floor plan, like this:

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