Toolbar Buttons and Options

The most used features and options are easily accessible on the RoomSketcher App's top toolbar. 


Menu. Open the Project, Level, View and Tools menus, Generate Floor Plans and 3D Photos.
New Project.jpg New Project. Create a new blank project, use a template, import a sketch, or order floor plans. 


Save. Save your project. 
Level.jpg Level. Start a new level, open properties for the current level, and open any existing level.
Copy.jpg Copy. Copy the selected item. 
Paste.jpg Paste. Paste the copied item. 
Under.jpg Undo. Undo the last action. 
Redo.jpg Redo. Redo the last action. 
Trash.jpg Trash. Delete the selected item. 
360 View.jpg

360 View. Preview a 360 View of a room (rotating around the camera's location) and generate a 360 View. 

Live 3D.jpg

Live 3D. View the current level/floor in interactive Live 3D. 



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