About FastSpring

FastSpring, a Merchant of Record, processes RoomSketcher's subscriptions and product billing. 

Please find below frequently asked questions about FastSpring.


Who is FastSpring?

FastSpring is an authorized software, digital products, and services reseller and is the Merchant of Record for RoomSketcher. This means that FastSpring is responsible for processing transactions, i.e. products and subscriptions you buy from RoomSketcher. That's why you also see FastSpring's logo and Terms and Conditions on the checkout. 


What is a Merchant of Record?

A Merchant of Record (MoR) is a legal entity responsible for selling goods or services to an end customer. They handle all payments and take on associated liabilities, such as collecting sales tax or ensuring compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI).


Who should I contact if I have a question?

All support is handled by us, RoomSketcher. If you have a question or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us


Are my credit card details safe?

Using FastSpring to make purchases online is secure. The credit card details are sent directly to the payment processors who directly tokenize them with the card schemes (Visa/MC/AMEX). The payment processors store the tokens in a vault on their side and FastSpring stores a reference to those tokens. 

Therefore FastSpring never stores the actual card details on their servicer and neither FastSpring nor RoomSketcher have access to them directly.

FastSpring is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant which is the highest form of credit card security accreditation. 


How will the purchase appear on my credit card billing?

On your credit card billing or financial statement, you will see FSPRG.NL. 


Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?

Of course! You can view and download the invoice directly after the purchase. All invoices are also stored in your account, available to you at any time. Please find more information in this article


How do I manage my subscription?

After signing in to your Web Account (from www.roomsketcher.com), go to Account, then on the left, click 'Update Subscription'. From here, you can update your payment method or cancel your subscription. You find detailed steps in these articles: How Can I Change My Payment Method? and How Can I Cancel My Recurring Subscription?


How do I get started with RoomSketcher now that I purchased a subscription?

To learn how to draw floor plans yourself, check out this video which will walk you through all the steps in less than 3 minutes.


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