Why is an Item Not Showing up on my Floor Plan?

Have you generated your floor plan, and you are missing an item?

There might be a few different reasons why items are not displayed in your floor plan. Some suggestions are listed below:

2D Floor Plans

  • Carpets and lights (except floor lamps) will not usually show up on your 2D Floor Plans, but if you are a Pro or Team subscriber, we can help you set this up. Please get in touch with us.
  • You might have placed an item below another item.
  • As a Pro or Team subscriber, you can edit your profile settings so that only Fixed Installations show.

3D Floor Plans

  • If an item does not show up on your 3D Floor Plan, you might have placed an item above the Standard Wall cut height. RoomSketcher standard wall cut height is 1900 mm. This means that items that are ABOVE this height will not show up on the 3D Floor Plan.
    • You can check the item height by clicking on the item, and check Height Above Floor in the Properties on the right hand side.
    • Remember that Height Above Floor can also be affected if you have changed the floor height (you have for example raised the floor).
    • If you want this item to show up in your 3D Floor Plan, you have two options:
      You can lower the Height Above Floor to below 1900 mm:


    • Or, if you are a Pro or Team subscriber, you can change the standard wall cut height. Learn how to set your wall cut height in this article: 3D Floor Plans - Customize Your Floor Plans

If none of these tips help, please reach out to us.

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