Create an Evacuation Plan

Offering an evacuation plan is essential for ensuring safety during emergencies. It provides clear evacuation routes, reduces panic, and helps save lives by guiding everyone quickly and safely out of the building. Having a plan also aids first responders in effectively navigating the premises.

All evacuation symbols are only visible on 2D Floor Plans. They are part of our full product library, available for Pro and Team customers. 

Evacuation Plan Project - Standard Color.jpg

This article guides you through the process of creating your evacuation plan with our software. Follow these four straightforward steps:


Step 1: Draw Your Floor Plan

  1. Create a new project in the RoomSketcher App.
    • Click the plus_new_project_app.jpg Plus icon in the top menu. 
    • Choose Blank Project
  2. Draw up walls, insert windows, doors and stairs
  3. Top tip: Add Room Names to easily identify the rooms: Add and Move Room Names


Step 2: Add Evacuation Symbols

  1. Open Furniture mode, then click category Evacuation Plans.
    • If you can't see the Evacuation category, please make sure to update your App

      Fire Evac - Evactuation Plan Category.jpg

  2. Choose from over 40 products and drag & drop your preferred symbol to your floor plan.

    Fire Evac - Evacuation DragDrop.jpg


Top Tip: Use the Wire symbol from the Electrical symbols to create the escape route. It comes in three different colors! 

Step 3: Add Annotations

It could be a good idea to add labels and notes for further clarification. In RoomSketcher, you can easily add annotations, symbols, lines, arrows, and labels to create a clear and detailed plan.

  1. Go to Windows etc. mode.
  2. Open the Symbols, Text & Lines category, or click Search and type Helpers.
  3. Choose your preferred helper, and drag & drop it into your floor plan. In this example we used a Text element. 

To learn more about how to add annotations and symbols, visit: Add Helper Symbols to Your Project

Step 4: Generate and Print Your Floor Plan

  1. Click Menu (yellow button at the top left) and then click 2D Floor Plans.
  2. Click the yellow button Generate 2D Floor Plan
  3. When your floor plan is generated, click either Save to Disk to download or Print to print your floor plan.  

Top Tip: Change the Color of the Floor Plans

If you haven't changed the colors of your 2D Floor Plans, they will be black and white as default. You can change this by updating your 2D Floor Plan profile as explained in this help article: 
2D Floor Plans – Choose Colors for Your Floor Plans

If you want help setting this up, please feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Service team - they'd be happy to assist! 

See examples below of some color profiles that have been created with RoomSketcher! 

Evacuation Plan Project - Wood Floor.jpg Fire Evac - Blue and Beige - 2D Floor Plan.jpg
Evacuation Plan Project - Green Salmon.jpg   Evacuation Plan Project - Grey.jpg



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