Tips to Save Credits

Credits are RoomSketcher's virtual currency for Pro and Team customers. Here are some tips to help you save Credits while creating high-quality floor plans and interior designs.


Preview Floor Plans

  • Before generating a 3D Floor Plan, which costs 1 Credit, you can preview it at no cost.
  • The preview is a low-res image of the floor plan that lets you get a good idea of the final output. 

    preview 3d floor plan.jpg blue thick arrow.pngMy First Project - Level 1 - 3D Floor Plan.jpg

More about Floor Plan Previews


Make Snapshots

  • Use 3D Snapshots before you generate a 3D Photo. 
  • If the Snapshot looks good, your 3D Photo will look perfect. 

    My First Project - Article Free subscription - Snapshot 03.jpg blue thick arrow.png My First Project - Article Free subscription - 3DPhoto 03.jpg

More about Snapshots


Preview 360 Views

  • Like Snapshots, 360 View Previews are a low-res version of the final output. 
  • If you are happy with the preview, generate the 360 View - it is an ideal way to showcase your real estate projects.  

    360 view preview.jpg blue thick arrow.png360 view high res.jpg

More about 360 Previews


Use Live 3D

  • In the RoomSketcher App, you work in easy-to-understand 2D. If you want to check your complete floor plan in 3D, the Live 3D feature is the perfect tool - and it doesn't cost any Credits!
  • Utilize this feature to view your floor plan from above or from inside, and ensure that everything appears correct before you generate floor plans, 360 Views, or 3D Photos.

    my first project - live 3d.jpg

More about Live 3D


Work with Levels

  • Instead of creating separate projects (which cost 1 Credit each) for different versions, use levels within the same project. You can have 9 levels in one project. 
  • Tip: If your project comes from a floor plan order, you can generate 3D Floor Plans for free for the first 30 days. This is another good reason to keep versions within the same project!

    work with levels.png

More about Levels


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